Build a Website Using Blog Software


    Have you thought about how easily you could build and maintain a website if you created the entire thing using blog software? Talk about an inexpensive and easy way to make your own website, this is it!

    A small business could create websites for each of its product lines, and build each site with blogging software, then link them all together to a main sales site. New product announcements, a FAQ, customer support, description of features, etc, is all handled in a snap...

    Somebody wanting a quick and easy mini-site to sell products could easily do this. It would also be a great way to do a content or informational site that links to an actual product sales site, or promotes products through affiliate links.

    The thing doesn't even have to look like a conventional blog, if you don't want it to. You can structure it to look like a standard website, but get all the benefits of having a blog, like frequent visits from the search engine spiders, quick indexing, and the ability to announce it on all kindsof blog announcement sites...

    That is creative internet marketing at the cutting edge!

    People are already doing this. I've visited several sites that are constructed this way using either WordPress or MoveableType. They can be made to look just like regular websites. In fact, the first time I visited one, I didn't have a clue that it was done that way, until I corresponded with the webmaster, and he told me how his site was constructed.

    The blog is embedded into the website seamlessly, and retains the ease and functionality of a blog, without looking like one. The site retains all the benefits of a blog - easy, frequent updates, a conversational tone, the ability to interact with site visitors and customers right on the site, and the ability to use pinging and blog directory announcements, etc.

    Another such site combines a home page, sales pages for an ebook, and two blogs. The whole thing is constructed using blogging software, which makes it a snap to update. As with the first site I mentioned, it looks for all the world like a conventional website, but gains many of the advantages of a blog.

    This is the wave of the future, folks, and it's happening now.

    Get on board before the train leaves the station...


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