How To Create A Blog


    A blog is an online diary or as some people call them a weblog. They can be aboutany topic you would like to comment on.

    Setting up a blog can seem to be a very difficult task for the non techie typeout there. They(the techie types) talk about MYSQL, PHP and you need a reader toread a blog in. Then they say u gotta ping the blog.

    Is that a new mixed drink or something ?

    We talk to our children and they look at us as if we come from another planet.

    All I want to do is blog.

    My Dad being basically computer illiterate a short time ago. HMM I still think heis but I wont say it to often in this house.

    I wrote these instructions for him and he had had no major problems setting up ablog.

    The easiest way to start a blog in my opinion and you may wish to differ ;-) aredetaled in the following steps:

    You will need a reader to read the blog you make or someone elses that yousubscribe to.

    The 1st step is an easy way to get a reader that allows rss feeds to be pulled toyour My page.

    1. Go to www. yahoo. com and create a my yahoo page. If you have one already go tostep 2.

    2. Find a free blogging service. I reccomend www. blogger. com. They have simple andeasy to follow instructions, even Dad could follow them ). Now follow the

    instructions on the start page. Take your time and make sure you read theinstructions. Do Not speed read them like Dad usually will do .

    WOW Great job!!! Pat your self on the back.

    Congratulations you have now created a blog.

    3. Now open up the create new post in your new blog and write new post. Nowpublish it.

    Now your a blogger

    4. Now go back to www. yahoo. com and sign in to your "MY" account.

    5. Now go to add content to your front page, upper left corner of your startpage. Now click on RSS Headlines. Now copy this and paste this url in The Add New Sources box on this page.

    http://making-money-online. blogspot. com/

    6. Now check Sources to add. This will ad the feed to your MY page.

    7. Now repeat steps 4 and 5 with your blog URL.

    Happy Blogging


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