Even a 70 Something Technological Challenged Mom Can Get Started in Blogging With These 10 Tips


    Blogging is all the rage. With these 10 Simple Steps even My 70 Something technological challenged Mom was able to Join the Growing number of Bloggers.

    Step 1 Pick a Topic

    Pick a Topic or Theme for your Blog. Your theme should be something you are good at or something you like. Things to Blog About

    • your Hobby
    • Your Passion
    • Your Job
    • Sports
    • Politics
    • N. Y. Yankees.
    • Promote a Web Page

    Step 2 Pick a Title

    Pick a Title for your blog. If your Blogging about Model T Fords then Your Title should be something like

    • Restore Your Model T.
    • Henry Ford and the Model T
    • Model T Pick Your Color as Long as It's Black
    • Model T They Don't Make Them Like that Anymore

    Step 3 Pick a Sub-Domain Name

    When you sign up for your free Blogger Account you will need a Sub-Domain Name. Your Sub Domain should be related to Your Topic Your WebSite URL will be something like http://sub-domain. blogspot. com. Have 3 or 4 Sub-Domains in mind in case one is taken.

    Step 4 Get Your Free Blog Account

    Go to http://blogger. com and sign up for a free account

    Step 5 Your Blog Description

    Log in to Your Blog account and Enter your 500 Character description (After you log in click on the setting Menu and Basic Setup.) Use Keywords related to your topic in your description.

    Step 6 Some Key Blog Settings

    • On the Basic Menu be sure and Set - Add your Blog to our listings? to YES

    • On the Publishing Menu be sure and Set - Notify Weblogs. com? to Yes

    • On the Formatting Menu set up your Time Zone

    • On the Archive Menu be sure and Enable Post Pages

    • On the Site Feed menu see the Address for your Feed http://sub-domain. blogspot. com/atom. xml

    Step 7 Your First Post

    Click Posting and Create and Type in the Title and Body of your first post. Be Sure and make it related to your topic.

    Step 8 You Ain't Got a Thing If You Don't Do That Ping

    Go to http://pingomatic. com and set up your Pings. Pingomatic will announce your Blog to many of the Major Blog Search engines. Be sure and Book mark the Pingomatic page after it is done pinging. You will want to ping every time you post to your blog.

    Step 9 Get a Feed Burner Account

    Feed Burner allows you to Burn Your Feed so it can be viewed in a web browser Here is a Sample Feed Burner Feed about the NY Yankee's http://feeds. feedburner. com/YahooSports-Mlb-NewYorkYankees.

    After you burn your feed in Feed Burner be sure View it in a web browser and click the Add to Yahoo button.

    Step 10 Blog Early and Often

    Post and Ping Often. If you suffer from Blog Block here is a helpful article to help you find topic to write about Guaranteed!

    http://ewguru. com/blogblock

    Congratulations you are now an offical member of the blogging community.

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